Liz Tracy Writing


Writer, runner, coder, mom, web designer, coffee connoisseur, web developer, wine drinker who answers to the name of Liz Tracy. Over the last 4 years I've lived overseas and developed a taste for challenges and a variety of coffee! Helping people develop into what they want and who they want to be is a calling I've had as a teacher and now as a developer.

Writing, Editing


Freelance writing and blogging is how I got started in the world of tech. Over the last few years I've written and published articles as well as blogged about life overseas and being a single parent.

Web Design


Working with web design has been a great way to expand my creativity on my favorite medium - the computer!

Web Development


If you like what you see on this website, then this is the tip of the iceburg of the work we can do together!

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